10 Makeups You Never Know Have Existed In History. You REALLY Don’t Want To Know About #9

You may have been used to makeup in modern ways by using cosmetics like foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and so on. When you look back to the colorful ways ancient women apply to look their best, you may be marveled. Here we compile 10 makeups ladies in the past have done to keep them attractive.

1. In ancient Rome, women used chalk powder, crocodile dung, and white lead to light their skin to look beautiful.

2. In ancient Egypt, women wore eye makeup with lead not just for beauty but also to protect eyes from the glare of the sun and eye infections.

3. In Indian weddings since 300-400 A.D., women have used mehndi to elaborate designs on the hands, forearms, and even their feet.

4. In Japan during the Heian era, Geishas made their face pale by mixing rice powder and water.

5. Back to 3000 B.C., Chinese polished nail by mixing beeswax, egg whites, gum Arabic, and colored powder.

6. In Nan Dynasty of Ancient China, ladies were inspired to imprint blossom shaped designs on their forehead.

7. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I used white lead paint to light her skin, which was known as the “mask of youth.”

8. As women were using white lead paint for their skin, their hair began to fall out. They replace natural eyebrow hairs by Mouse fur.

9. In ancient Arabia, women would dip their hair in camel urine for shiny hair.

10. In Venice, Women would use Deadly flower and berries to make their pupils look large.

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