15 Jarring Nature Photos That Will Leave You Awestruck

1. A Massive Wave Hits A Lighthouse In Which A Man Survived

This picture snapped by Jean Guichard in 1989 recorded a dangerous moment when a man was caught in a lighthouse off the coast of France. Although it looks like the wall of water is powerful enough to destroy the lighthouse, the structure actually received little damage and is still standing today. The man, named Theodore Malgorne, may look calm, but he was actually awaiting rescue at the time.

2. Michio Hoshino Was Mauled To Death By A Bear Inside Of His Tent In 1996

The Japanese-born Michio Hoshino was an award-winning nature photographer who specialized in photographing Alaskan wildlife. Unfortunately, he was killed by a brown bear in his own tent whilst on assignment in Russia. His camera recorded the killer and makes this the last photo Michio Hoshino would ever take.

3. Have A Race With Bear In Alaska

Although you might think otherwise if you looked at this photo and listened to the dramatic news reports, bear attack on human are rare. Visitors to Alaska die more often from bee stings and snake bites, than bear attacks. But still, anytime we venture into the natural habitat of a wild animal, we need to keep an eye on the dangers. Take a look behind, there might be a bear behind you whilst out riding your bike.

4. A Woman Took The Photo With A Tornado In The Background

This brave girl, named Audra Thomas, was reported to come from Beaver City, Nebraska, and looks cool and calm while an F-1 tornado swirls behind her. Her mother is even cooler because she took this pic for her daughter. We admire their courage but have to admit it’s more than a little crazy.

5. Raccoons Might Not Be Solitary Mammals

Raccoons are described as being solitary mammals, according to Wikipedia. Well, this picture captured by a woman who went camping 30 years ago begs to differ. She heard strange noises in the middle of the night and found many raccoons outside her tent, so she stuck her camera outside and snapped this photo.

6. The Prototype Of Mermaids

In history, Beluga whales have often been mistaken for mermaids, because of their human-like knees. They have several unique anatomical and physiological traits, like their white coloring and missing dorsal fin, making it distinct from other whales and helping it become the prototypical mermaid.

7. A Wild Dingo Eating A Shark While Two Snakes Make Love On The Beach

It might disappoint you to know that these two scenes were actually snapped at different times and then merged together by into one image under a “meanwhile, in Australia” caption. But, it’s true, both incidents really did happen. Still, the combined photo does leave a deep impression and would make anyone do a double take.

8. Magical Morocco’s Trees

The Argania tree in Morocco is a rare tree that produces a tasty nut that the local goats absolutely love. As a result, they often climb to the top branches to pick the best nuts, and the resultant image is quite unbelievable. Have you ever seen a tree that is full of goats?

9. B-25 Bombers Fly Over Mount Vesuvius While It Erupts During World War II

Mount Vesuvius in Italy erupted in 79 AD and buried the Roman cities of Pompeii, as well as Herculaneum. It has erupted several times throughout history since then. Its last significant eruption occurred in March of 1944. This eruption destroyed four nearby villages and several aircraft owned by the U.S. Army Air Force. These B-25 bombers got a bird’s eye view of this powerful scene.

10. A Hermit Crab Using A Human Skull For A Shell

Hermit Crabs make their home in scavenged shells of other animals or whatever other handy container is available to them. In this case, a human skull serves as a perfect home for a hermit crab. However, it’s not the final home for this crab and it will need bigger shells when it grows.

11. The Tornado Caught On Camera Near Oklahoma City Dates Back To 1898

A tornado is one of the most amazing natural phenomena, even though it is one of the most devastating. When it happens, many people can’t take their eyes from it. Here is a picture taken in 1898 in which two unidentified gentlemen were engaging in storm chasing. The first recognized storm chaser is Hoadley, and he began his career in 1956 in North Dakota. So the two men in the photo were most likely just amateurs who like to watch the incredible weather.

12. A Seagull Trying To Save His Friend From A Bald Eagle

Bald eagles are effective predators, and they can hunt and kill small to medium-sized animals in the air. In this photo, a seagull is trying very hard to save his friend from the eagle, which is surprisingly touching. We wish this incident had a happy ending.

13. Tippi Hedren And Her Tiger Gregory On The Set Of Her Film, Roar 1981

“Roar” the 1981 film starring Noel Marshall and his then-wife, Tippi Hedren, along with Hedren’s daughter, Melanie Griffith, is regarded as the most dangerous movie ever made. The tame tiger on the set of the movie caused multiple injuries. In all 70 cast and crew members were hurt in the filming of “Roar”.

14. Qizai Is The Only Know Brown Panda In The World

Qizai had a miserable childhood because of his brown and white fur (instead of the typical black and white, due to a genetic mutation). As a result, he was bullied by other pandas and abandoned by his mother when he was just a few months old. Luckily, he was rescued by humans and was well cared for in Foping Panda Valley.

15. An Apocalyptic Sunset Over Moscow

A mountain of storm clouds and the sunset combined to create this picturesque image over the streets of Moscow. It was thanks to a simple collection of visible water vapors forming powerful and majestic billows in the sky, along with the sunlight playing on the clouds, that the whole picture looks like it was taken from a movie backdrop.

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