15 Painfully Awkward Family Photos That Deserve To Be Burned

Family photos are supposed to be warm. On the contrary, they are the worst that no one likes having to take them. Let’s check out these awkward family portraits.

1. Just a good monkey family here!

2. A family of four. The cat seems to be the adopted one.

3. Everyone’s favorite uncle.

4. That’s an interesting looking baby!

5. Getting in the holiday spirit, I guess.

6. Pets are important.

7. Hipsters.

8. HELP!

9. It is hard to look at this picture without imaging a mustache on the little kid.

10. This one took me a minute.

11. The kid in the back is really done with this family photo session.

12. One of these things is not like the others…

13. WOW, this is quite a big family!

14. A human Christmas tree.

15. We can only hope the father has his pants on…

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