15 Wildlife Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Wildlife cameramen always bump into interesting wild animals when traveling and working in nature. Here’re 15 funny photos of those animals who really know how to pose.

1. I Don’t Want To Be Photographed!

It looks like this seal is ready to do anything to avoid being photographed, even including lying prone on the back of the photographer. However, it ignored the obvious fact that human beings also travel in packs, just like seals!

2. Stop Working And Come Play With Me!

This baby tiger must be bored of playing with its own kind, so it decided to take a chance to play with a “featherless biped.” Well, now this photographer’s picture is absolutely ruined, and he probably needs a new pair of glasses.

3. A Camera Built For Two

Have you ever got a chance to photograph a fox? They’re kind of glad to work with you, and sometimes they’ll even want to take a peek when you’re reviewing the pictures, just like this fox! But be careful, we’re not sure whether they’ll just snatch the camera and run if they aren’t satisfied with the result!

4. Cutest Distraction Ever

Can anyone keep focusing on his work with this cute baby cheetah standing on the shoulder? Well, we bet most of you will just put the camera down and start playing with it. As long as its mama doesn’t show up, nobody can stop us from playing with this little fluffy beast!

5. Let Me Have A Look, Please!

Everything was going well for this photographer until this cheetah showed up. It seems like the mother of the above little cheetah came. Perhaps it just wants to check if its baby looks nice in the picture!

6. Is That Food?

Food is really difficult to come by for wild animals in winter. This fox must be hoping this camera is food, or it won’t be so close to this photographer. No one wants to stay outside for long in such cold weather, right?

7. May We Take A Photo With You?

The poor man in this photoshoot looks really awkward. He was just taking pictures when he looked to his left and suddenly saw a bear standing face to face with him. Then he looked to the other side: another bear! He had no choice but to take a photo with these two big guys.

8. Just A Little Higher

Here’s one proud looking bird! Unlike some other animals on this list, it really wants this photographer to take a photo of it. “Just a little higher. Now to the right. Up an inch. Now to the left. Back to the right. PERFECT!”

9. What’s Inside, Buddy?

Without photographers traveling together, we’d never get some of these amazingly funny photos of wildlife. This man looks happy for having a nice picture taken now, but we bet he won’t be laughing anymore if this deer cracks his lens.

10. Found You!

Another day for a photoshoot, another fox decided to ruin it! The worst part is this poor cameraman can do nothing about it – he could only wait until this fox gets bored and walks away itself! This is going to be a long battle.

11. Give Me The Nuts!

There must be some nuts in this photographer’s bag because we’ve never seen a squirrel being that friendly. They always get skittish, attempting to grab a quick meal then get away as fast as possible. But this squirrel has firmly planted itself on the backpack when this man was taking pictures.

12. Look Over Here!

Sometimes you will need a little help from a friend to get the perfect picture. The man was taking pictures of a meerkat family on their adventures, but the problem was the meerkats refused to turn and pose for him. Thankfully, another meerkat jumped on his back to help out – now his friend can wave to the family so they’ll know what’s going on!

13. Where’s The Photographer?

Oh god, what did this lion do to the person who should have held this camera? However, it’s the owner of this camera now. Is it going to be the first lion who starts a family album with pictures of its cubs growing up?

14. The Animal Takeover Continues…

First, it was the lions, then it was the foxes. This fox looks really professional – it even puts its paw on the shutter! Will human photographers be replaced by these curious creatures one day?

15. Move Over Bud, I’ll Show You How It’s Done!

Well, it seems like our prediction is becoming true! This baby primate even starts to teach this man how to take a perfect picture. Unlucky for the poor guy, he might be losing his job soon!

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