19 Cool Projects People Did While Stuck At Home

Feeling bored of being stuck at home all day? Looking for some fun? Here we have collected 19 most creative projects people did at home. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Cat Attack!

2. Give Your Dog An Upgrade

3. A Table For Squirrels

4. Megatron Coming!

5. There Is All The Toilet Paper

6. A Serving Spoon For Special Situations

7. A Tour Around The Globe

8. A Concert In Your Yard

9. DIY Stained Glass With Painters’ Tape And Washable Markers 

10. Cutest ‘Toilet Paper’

11. Worn-out School Uniforms Into Chic Cushions

12. A Perfect Pastel Pal

13. Start Painting

14. Dinner Table Into Snooker Board

15. Ready To Sail For The World?

16. A Garage Bar

17. Nando’s At Home

18. A Miniature Room

19. Rock Climbing At Home

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