19 Moments At Airports That You Cannot Help But Staring

An airport is like a scaled-down society, where you can witness thousands of scenes. These scenes can be sentimental or cheerful, and sometimes even hilarious. Have a glance at these memorable airport moments that will sweep your travel drowsiness away. 

1. Penguin Security Check

Guess they are going to take the flight to Antarctica.

2. Accurate Signs

That’s the experience we’ve all been through, right?

3. Limited Kissing Time

3, 2, 1, kiss time’s up. Next!

4. Sleep Anywhere

It may not be the most comfortable way, but it’s better than nothing. 

5. Airport Proposal

Next time, it will be her husband that waits for her to come back home.

6. 100% Personal

This guy will never have trouble finding his luggage.

7. Passenger Falcons

These falcons are not just pets; they are VIPs. 

8. Pillars Of The Airport

Now these cases are really the backbones of the entire airport.

9. Airport K-911

Having a Border Collie to check up on the perimeter, now the whole airport is protected from wild animals. 

10. Darth Vader Team Reunion

Attention! It is the Imperial March moment!

11. Airport Yogi

Stretch and relax. You can’t do that on a plane after all.

12. Another Way To The Airport

Riding a motorcycle means you don’t have to worry about being late for the airport due to traffic jams.

13. Multipurpose Luggage

Father’s luggage can be a safe harbor for his exhausting girl at the airport. 

14. Pet Relief

Here doggies can “release” themselves without human judgments. 

15. No Durians!

Even if durians are not used as weapons, their smell alone can hurt.

16. Working Hard?

Guess the check-in clerks don’t have enough work to do. They’d better be able to do a good job while playing card games.

17. Social Distance

Apparently, he has tried everything to cut off any communication.

18. Shining Armor

Crazy shoe shine advertisement? Nope, they just want to be well prepared for the upcoming Comic-Con!

19. Traveling Light

Guess they are just the opposite of traveling light. 

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