20 Celebrities And Their Famous Look-Alikes

We all probably have a doppelganger somewhere in the world, but celebrities’ are way easier to find! Here are 20 celebrity look-alikes that you may never realize. Prepare to be impressed!

1. Margot Robbie & Jaime Pressly

Their facial structures look almost the same. What a lovely coincidence!

2. Ashley Graham & Khloe Kardashian

From bodies to looks, they definitely share the same kind of vibe!

3. Jennifer Lawrence & Bella Hadid

Look the way they smile! They’re both absolutely sweet.

4. Scarlett Johansson & Amber Heard

They may look different, but you can feel the same vibe! Strong, cool and charming, all in one.

5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem

Wrinkles make them look even more like real brothers. Can you believe that?

6. Megan Fox & Angelina Jolie

It’s possible that gorgeous ones all share the same kind of look to some extent.

7. Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss

Time spent together probably makes the best friends even more alike!

8. Bob Saget & Stephen Colbert

These two have the kindest smiley looking on their faces. 

9. Kiernan Shipka & Emma Watson

If you bump into one of them on the street, there is a big chance that you’d mistake one for the other when they turn around.

10. Courteney Cox & Demi Moore

Despite the different eye colors, it’s really hard to tell who’s whom at first glance!

11. Liam Hemsworth & Karen Khachanov

Aren’t they just identical twins? Khachanov shares even more similarities than Hemsworth’s own brother.

12. Zach Braff & Dax Shepard

The way they smile makes them so alike. But if you take a closer look,  they’re totally different.

13. Mila Kunis & Sarah Hyland

They look like real sisters! Don’t ever put them on one set, or you’d be so confused.

14. Isla Fisher & Amy Adams

The two have the same elegant and sweet vibe, which could be the effect of both being redheads.

15. Lili Reinhart & Sarah Gadon

If they had the same makeup and hairdo, they’d look absolutely identical!

16. Elijah Wood & Daniel Radcliffe

Their extremely blue eyes and outstanding facial structures make them so alike!

17. Rachel Bilson & Kaia Gerber

Are you sure they don’t share the same gene to some extent? They basically look the same.

18. Rob Lowe & Chace Crawford

When young Rob meets Chace, can you tell which one is which?

19. Bryce Dallas Howard & Jessica Chastain

Here is another pair of redheads that look so alike. Even with different hairstyles, their features are almost the same.

20. Hilary Duff & Victoria Pedretti

It could be their cheeks that make them look similar. Or charming people all look kind of the same?

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