20 Home Depot Hacks That Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

The Home Depot supplies all kinds of construction products such as tools, wood, and appliances, so you’re expected to spend a lot at the store. Fortunately, there are 20 sale hacks that can save you hundreds of dollars, but the employees won’t tell you.

1. You Can Return Dead Plants

The Home Depot return policy says you can return any plant within a year, and dead plants are included if you have the original receipt. You won’t receive a new plant for free, but you’ll get a refund to buy another one.

2. Pennying Out

When items had remained in clearance for over 6 months, Home Depot would penny them out. Yep, you can get any of them for $0.01. Its website won’t indicate such sales, so you have to find these deals at the store before the staff pull them off the shelf.

3. Search For Sixes And Threes

Home depot uses numbers on sale tags to indicate time-sensitive sales. Prices ending in six says the item’s price rounds out to 50% off, and the price will go down in the next six weeks. The number three means the same, and the price is usually around 75% off.

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4. Get Tools Repaired For Free

With any tool bought at Home Depot, there comes a one-to-two year warranty. This covers not only returns but also includes free repairs. You heard that right. Show your receipt at their Tool Rental Center, the employees will fix your tool for free.

5. Shop Paint In Summer

If you aren’t in a desperate need for paint, buy it in summer. Home Depot usually puts paint on sale around the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and on Labor Day. Shopping paint during this time will save you a lot of money. You can even find gallons of incorrectly mixed or mi-stinted paint on a discount, usually for $5 to $8 here.

6. Use Ace Hardware Or Lowe’s Coupons At Home Depot

Home Depot honors competitors’ coupons, though this price match policy isn’t officially written on their website. So next time, bring your Ace Hardware or Lowe’s coupons to Home Depot, but you have to double check if the coupon for the exact same product is available at the store.

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7. Explore The Ends Of Aisles

Besides the clearance section, sale items can be found at many other sections at Home Depot. Generally, the staff tend to put them at the ends of aisles to attract shoppers with their low prices. In addition, the prices of these clearance items are actually not set-in-stone, and you can try to ask the employees for a knock down.

8. Know Your Sign Colors

The color of a product’s price tag at Home Depot says something. Green tags indicate the discount applies to the item only, and these products usually were bought and returned or ordered and never picked up. A yellow sign means the item is on clearance, and the product won’t be restocked when it sells out. So buy it quickly.

9. Get A Credit Card And A Discount

Do you know Home Depot offers credit cards? Come and open one, then you’ll get an immediate discount. For instance, you’ll get 25% off a purchase up to $999, and $100 off of a purchase more than $1,000. Employees can also give 10% off of your first purchase with the credit card occasionally. Plus, you can defer the card’s interest. Another saving!

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10. Never Pay Full Price For Wood

Never pay full price for the wood you need for a DIY project. Just look for the “scrap bins” in the back of your local Home Depot. Employees often stock leftover wood pieces from vendors there, and these scraps are usually discounted by up to 80%. However, not all stores offer scrap bins.

11. Home Depot Will Help You Bring Supplies Home

Buying in bulk usually lands you great deals, but how can you carry that stuff home if you don’t have a truck? Luckily, Home Depot offers Load ‘N Go Rentals, and you can get a pickup truck for just $19 for 75 minutes. These trucks can be reserved in advance on their website, and there are also cargo vans and moving box trucks available for rent.

12. There’s More Than One Black Friday

Each year in late March and through April, Home Depot hosts a Spring Black Friday, which is a part of its own “spring cleaning.” This is the best time to shop gardening and outdoor supplies. You can get great deals such as 5 for $15 on mulch bags and 40% on patio furniture. Enjoy a spring shopping spree!

13. The Red, White, And Blue Sale

Don’t panic if you didn’t catch the Spring Black Friday sale because there is another one – the Red, White, and Blue Sale in July. The sale usually lasts around the Fourth of July for 10 days. It’s the best time to purchase appliances and refrigerators. Grills and patio furniture can also be found marked down by up to 50%.

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14. Check The Special Buy Of The Day

Before visiting Home Depot, check the online store for the Special Buy of the Day under the “Specials & Offers” tab. Every day, Home Depot offers a 24-hour discount for one product of a certain brand. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to find the item you need on sale for that day.

15. Buy Kitchen And Bath Supplies In Winter

While you’re advised to buy paint in summer, kitchen and bath supplies had better be purchased in winter. From mid-January to mid-March, Home Depot hosts a Winter Bath Event, when bath and kitchen products usually go for up to 40% off. Appliances and flooring may go on sale for up to 30% and 15% off as well. Keep tabs on the store to find coupons during this time.

16. Save Money By Being Nice To Staff

It may save you a lot of money to communicate with Home Depot staff nicely. According to Consumer Reports, sales employees can offer a discount of up to $50 without consulting a manager. The higher-up the employees are, the more substantial discounts they can give. For instance, the assistant manager can discount $500, and the store manager may remove up to $1,000.

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17. Rent Tools Instead Of Buying Them

Tools are expensive, so why not rent one for $30 for 4 hours instead of buying one for $200? Home Depot rents out outdoor tools, power tools, and moving and lifting equipment. You can rent by the hour, day, week, or month, and the savings will build up.

18. Get 30% Off When You Spend Over $1,500

If you’re going to buy over $1,500 worth of products at Home Depot, sign up for its Pro Xtra program first. This way, you can get a 30% discount off a purchase of $1,500 or more. Eligible products include lumber, plumbing, hardware, and lighting.

19. Receive Free Gardening Supplies

If you’re a passionate gardener, don’t hesitate to join Home Depot’s Garden Club. It’s free, and will offer you a $5 off coupon once you join. The club also gives special sales only available to members. You can occasionally receive free samples like small packets of seeds and fertilizers to try out. Money Pantry says you can save about $300 when you make the best of the club.

20. Don’t Buy These Products At Home Depot

While Home Depot offers great deals on many products, not everything has the best prices. Silverware and wall art sell for lower prices at Kohl’s and Hobby Lobby. Walmart has better prices on smaller kitchen appliances, such as grilling accessories and vacuums.

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