20 Pictures That Prove Cats Can Sleep Purretty Much Anywhere

Cats owners and non-cats owners alike know how strange these little furry balls are. They can jump, climb up and down from unbelievable heights and they can also fit themselves anywhere. Here are 20 pictures that can prove these furry balls can sleep anywhere in the craziest positions.

1. On a drying rack for towels.

2. Between two baskets.

3. Stretching on a bed.

4. In a sink.

5. In a small basket.

6. On the edge of a chair.

7. Slouching against the wall.

8. In a flower box.

9. In a sandal.

10. With head in a blind.

11. On a computer.

12. In a bundle.

13. In this yoga position.

14. Under a dog friend.

15. Halfway to his bed.

16. Stretching on sofa.

17. On his dog friend.

18. On a windowsill.

19. On a tissue box.

20. On a hammock.


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