20 Rare Historical Photos Of Celebs Captured More Than Expected

The backward photographic technique in the past made it a difficult task to keep historical photos intact. But luckily for us, there are still some fantastic rarely seen old photos left from cultural icons all over the world. Let’s take a peek.

1. Do You Skate, Dude?

You may never expect to see Clint Eastwood on a skateboard. In this 1965 photo, he was riding a skateboard down the Via Veneto in Rome, and his relaxed smile is impressive.

2. Young Goldie Hawn

Remember the accomplished dancer and actor Goldie Hawn? This photo shows the young Hawn eating a hamburger in Washington, D.C., making us recall her outstanding performance on the TV series, Good Morning, World.

3. John Wayne On ‘I Love Lucy’

We cannot deny that I Love Lucy is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. In 1955, the show’s main actress Lucille Ball took this photo with famed Western actor John Wayne for publicity ahead of his appearance on the show.

4. Hepburn Lets Her Hair Down

We’re more familiar with Hepburn’s up-do or bobbed hairstyles. However, her long straight hair in Paris When It Sizzles has left us a different impression, and she looks sweet and elegant in this photo.

5. Young Foxx

Can you figure out who he is? As one of Hollywood’s biggest names, Jamie Foxx always appears in public with a buzz cut. But in this rare old photo, he had a different look in his basketball uniform from high school.

6. Hemingway At The Hospital

Apart from writing, Ernest Hemingway also served in the military. In this photo, he was standing in front of an American Red Cross hospital in Milan, Italy, with his injured leg during WWI.

7. A Game Of Throwbacks

You must be familiar with this face, the Imp in Game of Thrones. This 80s photo of the actor Peter Dinklage was taken in Delbarton High School when he was still unknown to the public.

8. Jack Nicholson And His Daughter

Jack Nicholson is famous for his onscreen intensity portrayed through numerous Academy Award-winning roles. However, in this photo, he looks so happy and relaxed with his daughter Jennifer on a film set in 1974.

9. Got Ya!

A funny and compromising moment: actress Sigourney Weaver was biting a Tail o’ the Pup hot dog on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles.

10. Chaplin Meets Helen Keller

What an unexpected meeting! In 1919, the iconic silent film actor Chaplin met the famous American writer and political activist Helen Keller, who was touching his face to “see” his appearance, on the set of Sunnyside.

11. Just Miming Around

In 1974, photographer Daniel Sorine came across two mimes in the Central Park of New York City and took a few photos of them. Surprisingly, it’s not until 35 years later that Daniel recognized that one of the two mimes was the late Hollywood superstar Robin Williams.

12. Punk Rock Actor

We are more familiar with Busey’s identity as an actor but seldom know about his musical background. He has played music in bands for decades, and this 1978 photo has perfectly shown his passion for music.

13. The King’s First Recording

Elvis Presley is famous for his music talents and attractive appearance. This photo shows his first commercial recording of “That’s All Right, Mama” in 1954, and his handsome young face is impressive.

14. Interesting Comparison

The well known Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud posed beside the sculpture of himself. We have to acknowledge that the sculptor’s skill is superb.

15. Sweet Couple

Look at their sweet pose! The man in this 1976 photo is Bob Marley, one of the most pioneering musicians throughout history. No wonder his Miss World wife Cindy Breakspeare can’t resist his enormous charisma.

16. Fallon’s High School Hair Fail

Singer and actress Demi Lovato was scheduled to talk about The X Factor on The Tonight Show in 2013. Unexpectedly, she released this photo of the host Jimmy Fallon in high school. Needless to say, everyone including the host got a kick out of the throwback.

17. Jodie Foster Was Skating

It’s so cool but challenging to skate in heels, but the actress Jodie Foster made it. After winning the Palme d’Or for her role in Taxi Driver, she’d like to show her excitement by skating.

18. When One Music Powerhouse Mets Another

It is another rare photo of legends taken in 1989. The man on the right side is Axl Rose, the vocalist and lyricist of Guns N’ Roses, and the left one is Ice Cube, the lead rapper of N.W.A. They must have got a lot of inspiration from each other.

19. Run, Roberta, Run

Life lies in movement! Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Gibb was the first woman to finish the entire Boston Marathon in 1966. In this 1983 photo, she was running by the ocean, and her robust physique is quite attractive.

20. Phil Collins Rocks Out On The Drums

Phil Collins is always regarded as one of the most talented and successful drummers of all time. In this rare 1972 photo, he was recording drums in the studio of Famous Charisma Records.

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