20 States With Astoundingly High Obesity Rates

We all agree that dietary choices play a vital role in keeping healthy. However, the truth is that obesity has posed a threat to nearly one in three people in plenty of states. You Better check out the list before you take another bite of any fattening foods!  

20. North Carolina – 32.1% Obesity Rate 

It should come as no surprise that a state famed for barbecue, pimento cheese and palatable old country shrimp, and grits would land itself on this list. With all of the incredibly delicious foods on offer, how can one possibly resist the temptation to binge? Not to mention the fact that it is the birthplace of the famous Krispy Kreme Donuts.

19. Michigan – 32.3% Obesity Rate

Nearly one out of every three people are obese in Michigan, and that number was even higher a year prior. The lower level of education puts the state at a higher risk of being obese, because it’s not until high school that policymakers have set minimum time requirements for physical education. Even worse, the standards are still below federal recommendations.

18. Kansas – 32.4% Obesity Rate

If you’d have ever been informed of the state’s favorite foods, such as “loose meat sandwiches,” “bierocks,” “lefse,” you’d agree that none of these sound healthy. In fact, Kansas was the only state nationwide to see a sharp increase in obesity rates between 2014 and 2015, and it has remained among the top since ever since.

17. Missouri – 32.5% Obesity Rate

Toasted ravioli can be considered as one of the most guilt-worthy foods in the country. The dish originated in Missouri, then gained popularity in St.Louis. Now think about it, a cheese-filled pasta covered with crumbs that is then baked until it turns crispy. Who is able to keep their hands off such a delicious dish? No wonder the residents here are either overweight or obese.

16. Tennessee – 32.8% Obesity Rate

Anyone who has ever paid a visit to Tennessee perhaps won’t take notice of the long list of fried options on the menu. From fried chicken and fried catfish to fried pickles and sweet potato fries, you can sample plenty of indulgent foods here. Besides those, sweetened biscuits and gravy covered country ham will be sure to tempt you into gulping.

15. Nebraska – 32.8% Obesity Rate

It’s safe to say that Nebraska is not all that familiar to many Americans. However, the obesity rate of the state is on a par with that of Tennessee. Given that the bill concerning taxing soda beverages and candies failed to pass, it goes without saying that people are prone to give in to these fattening foods.

14. Texas – 33% Obesity Rate

An old saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas. Thus, obese people are a dime a dozen in the state. According to the CDC reports, 65.9 percent of Texans are overweight and have a Body Mass Index of 25 or more. The astonishing fact is that 27.3 percent of Texans never participate in any physical activity.

13. North Dakota – 33.2% Obesity Rate

North Dakota has taken the lead in obesity rates since 1985. Only a few years later, the state has seen one-third of its residents struggle with obesity. Another number regarding weight is also dire, as almost 71 percent of people are overweight or obese.

12. Indiana – 33.6% Obesity Rate

Although the obesity rate has levelled off in Indiana, obesity is still a massive problem that needs to be addressed promptly. If not, it will lead to many serious health conditions for residents, including stroke, high blood pressure, and breathing problems, etc.

11. Ohio – 33.8% Obesity Rate

Ohio earns itself a spot on this list due to its tenth-highest childhood obesity rate. Nearly one in six children between ten and seventeen years old are obese. However, Ohio seemed not to be panicking about the depressing number and believed it would turn the tide. The truth was that it only saw a slight dip in 2016, but since then, the number has steadily increased.

10. South Carolina – 34.1% Obesity Rate

Everyone who has ever spent some time in South Carolina would agree that its iconic foods have left them with a deep impression. Surrounded by yummy dishes like fried okra, creamy grits, and deserts like buttery biscuits and pecan pies, it can be all hard not to glut oneself with these delicacies.

9. Alaska – 34.2% Obesity Rate

Perhaps it’s a little confusing that the obesity rate is so high up north in Alaska. However, you will find it reasonable if you are familiar with the food prices here. Due to the lack of food supplies, it costs more money to buy healthy and nutritious options.   

8. Kentucky – 34.3% Obesity Rate

The state which is home to the famed fried chicken is sure to find itself a spot among the heaviest states. Actually, Kentucky had already set a record with a 37 percent obesity rate back in 2018. Additionally the ranking of its healthy food availability has lagged far behind other states, which may account for it.

7. Arkansas – 35% Obesity Rate

Since the food culture in Arkansas centers around high-fat, high-protein foods like fried chicken, meat and fried fish, it leads to a high obesity rate. Taking fried foods as a staple of each diet, how could people possibly prevent themselves from gaining weight?

6. Louisiana – 36.2% Obesity Rate

People from other states can feel really envious of those in Louisiana, because they can enjoy the best rich gumbo, fresh crawfish, spicy jambalaya, fluffy po’ boy sandwiches and sugar-dusted beignets in the entire world. However, its obesity rate is startlingly high. Children at the age of between two to four years old even suffer from obesity here.

5. Alabama – 36.3% Obesity Rate

Of all 50 states, Alabama takes the fifth place in the list. Its obesity rate reached over 36 percent and if only considering the number of overweight adults, it shoots up to 69 percent. Of them, 31 percent of adults are not engaged in any physical activities. It should serve as some food for thought. 

4. Iowa – 36.4% Obesity Rate

Iowa is notable for its State Fair, a feast of various insane foods. You can find most of these guilty pleasures here, including bacon-wrapped chicken wings, caramel-dipped pecan pie, fried avocado, a butter cake shake, corn dogs and any combination beyond your imagination. A mouthful of those, and you will pay your debts in weeks!  

3. Oklahoma – 36.5% Obesity Rate

Eighteen percent of children between the ages of 10 to 17 in Oklahoma are obese, and the number in high school alone sits at 17.3 percent. Experts claim that one of the causes can be attributed to their indulgence in sugary drinks like sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks.

2. Mississippi – 37.3% Obesity Rate

After years of eating decadent dishes like Mississippi mud pie, blue crab and having plenty of fried options, Mississippi finally makes its way to the top two of the list. Nearly 37.3 percent of adults live in a state of obesity, meaning more than one and a half million people suffer from this health condition. The number should ring alarm bells for everyone.

1. West Virginia – 38.1% Obesity Rate

We guess people from West Virginia will feel bittersweet for topping off the list, with 38 percent of its residents being obese. Unhealthy eating not only contributes to health risks, but also leads to raised medical costs and lowered productivity rates.

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