30+ Female Celebrities Who Have Aged Gracefully

There are only a few things in life that compare to the horror of aging badly. However, in a world where concerns such as mortgage applications, home loans, and student loans are constantly choking the youth out of us, survival is more a pressing need than maintaining timeless beauty. For celebrities, a loaded bank account that takes care of life’s worries means a little more time to be vain, but staying beautiful comes at a cost. So it is no surprise that even these beauties have remained in the loop about market outlook, stock ideas as well as ETF funds. It’s not a lot of fun, but a full-proof investing strategy is the only way to ensure that your earnings aren’t depleted too quickly in the pursuit of ageless beauty, and these ladies prove that if you take care of your checking account, it will take care of you.


When it comes to being an ageless Hollywood Amazon, 50-year-old Nicole Kidman takes the cake with ease. While there are speculations that she had a little plastic surgery help to stay youthful, the actress credits her looks to keeping out of the sun and eating right. Whether or not we believe her is lost in the haze of her glowing skin – plastic surgery or exercise/diet aside, we wouldn’t have her look any other way.


American actress Jessica Lange is familiar for her TV and theater roles, especially for performances in King Kong and Tootsie  – but when she isn’t building up her bank account, she is proving to the world that she would gladly mortgage her comfort for the less privileged by playing a pivotal role in UNICEF as an ambassador. Although the mum of three has had her fair share of divorce law firms as well as a recent breakup from the playwright, Sam Shepherd, she seems to be still holding it down – and sitting pretty while at it.


Only a few people will forget Catherine Bach’s iconic role as the sassy Miss Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard or her stunning performance in The Young and the Restless. Now at 63, the gorgeous actress still shines. Considering she has survived a few divorce law firms, a suicidal husband while managing to finance a business that eventually came to fruition in 2002, she gets props for keeping her glow even in the face of misadventure.


The still beautiful Brooke Shields has always been quite fortunate. From obtaining a degree in French Literature at Princeton University without worrying about any student loans, to breaking out on the big screen in the ‘80s and ‘90s with exceptional talent, the gorgeous brunette always had the world at her feet – and a bank account to boot. Unfortunately, a bout of postpartum depression saw her career slip and fall to near oblivion until she made a public admission about her struggle and began speaking in favor of anti-depressants.


After making her big break in the show The Facts of Life, Nancy McKeon career experienced a hiatus standard to fast-rising actresses in Hollywood – the typical rise, and the drastic slip and fall from which most actors never survive. Regardless of the lull, the actress has managed to stay afloat, dodging bankruptcy, and keeping her bank account within a safe limit. That said, for an actor with a modest checking account balance whose life perhaps depends on her wealth management expertise, she seems to be aging quite flawlessly.


Former fashion model, actress, and activist Mia Farrow was once dubbed as one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, after which, she became a Goodwill Ambassador. However, things took a turn for the worse when a scandal saw herself and former partner Woody Allen battling for custody over their adopted daughter. The lawsuit settlement also meant a payday for her checking account; but even better, her winning also meant no family bonds would be broken either. Go, girl!


Sissy Spacek made her acting debut in the ‘70s, and her role in the film Badlands brought her significant prominence. Unfortunately, tabloid attention and a star-sized bank account often lead to vices, and for Sissy, it meant a few frequent trips to alcohol or inpatient drug rehab centers which were the dividends of her addiction. Despite the temporal slip and fall, Spacek has maintained a lengthy career while keeping a low profile. Whether she is managing her investments or battling bankruptcy, what’s certain is that she’s as gorgeous as ever.


Audrey Hepburn was America’s sweetheart in Hollywood’s Golden Age. The actress, model, dancer, and humanitarian set the precedence for beautiful women all over the world to use their stunning looks in pursuit of public goodwill. Till this day, Audrey was an iconic woman that would gladly mortgage the dividends of her hard work on the big screen for justice and equity – even her time with the UNICEF outlives her. After a battle with cancer, she passed away at age 63, with a long-lasting legacy both in deed and in her bank account.


Before her breakthrough role in the TV drama Poldark and a series of other television and film features, Angharad Rees attended the University of Madrid and taught English in Spain. While we expected her to return to the big screen, it never actually happened until a personal tragedy made her focus on business finance and she soon spent her energy on jewelry design and other investments. Rees ultimately turned her back to acting shortly before her death, and we can only say that she was beautiful in leaps and bounds.


Although she is most recently known as Queen of Thorns Olenna Tyrell on the popular show Game of Thrones, Dame Diana Rigg is no Hollywood newbie. Diana’s role as a Bond girl attracted attention, but her popularity with divorce law firms (after two divorces) brought her even more tabloid attention. After becoming a Dame in 1994, the actress has wrestled with a smoking addiction, narrowly escaped a luxury drug rehab and had somehow defied the odds of time by staying beautiful regardless of her age.


After an incredible run as Miss World America in 1972, Lynda Carter conquered television with a stunning performance as our favorite female superhero from the series, Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, Carter’s personal life didn’t turn out as smoothly as her career. From shuttling between divorce law firms to annul a short-lived marriage, to visiting an alcohol rehab facility while battling alcohol addiction, she had it rough. But if you thought it would take a toll on her looks, you would be surprised.


Considered one of TV’s biggest former teen stars of all time, Molly Ringwald gained international repute with her roles on Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles. For a famous teen who was likely to get into addiction and DUI troubles, Ringwald managed to stay out of any of that and out of luxury drug rehab or alcohol rehab facilities. With three children, a sufficiently equipped online banking account, and a husband in the arm, Molly Ringwald has now blossomed into a full-blown woman and is as gorgeous as ever.


Multi-award winning actress Helen Mirren pursued stage work before deciding to take the plunge on the center stage. She landed a few iconic roles, including parts in Prime Suspect, Caligula, Shadowboxer, Elizabeth I, and The Queen. With the fame, she also got a buoyant bank account and a throng of social vices that saw her battling a drug addiction within a short time. Surprisingly, she wrung herself free from the addiction without any help from drug abuse rehab centers or luxury drug rehab. Today, she is 72 and golden like sunshine.


In her heyday, Goldie Hawn was known for being a Hollywood ‘good girl,’ with hardly has any history with alcohol and drug treatment centers. As it turns out, Hawn has also set the precedence for her three kids, who are now successful actors themselves. The ageless Amazon dazzles in other aspects as well, and with the dividends of her remarkable career, the actress set up the Hawn Foundation – a nonprofit organization for youth education. She’s a beautiful woman inside and out indeed.


The woman of many talents manages to juggle a career as an actress, model, fitness guru, and activist. With her many hats, it is likely that her earnings may have had her bank account bursting at the seams. But with a career that active, multiple trips to divorce law firms are inevitable – and Fonda has certainly had her fair share.  To make things worse, she also once needed a criminal defense lawyer over wrongful allegations of drug smuggling charges. It might be all in the past, but we are glad that she doesn’t look like what she has been through.


TV personality Martha Stewart is known for quite a few things – and her reputation as a business venture and investments experts precedes her. Best known for her television show and magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Stewart gained recognition and a bountiful bank account within a short time of breaking into the industry, but her business finance solutions came under scrutiny after allegations of insider trading. As it turned out, she was involved in a few shady deals, and neither the best felony lawyer nor her stock ideas could save her from jail.


When she first took the screen test as Rachel Green in the hit sitcom Friends,  Jennifer Aniston was just 24. But then since 1995 until today, Aniston hasn’t aged a day. Now 48, the actress has had a roller coaster of events overtake her, from divorce to breakups and subtle scandals – all of which she seems to keep hidden under her skin with a healthy diet, exercise, and a lot of water. It is a good thing we don’t look like what we’ve been through.


The 48-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones is undeniably one of the most beautiful women in the world. The actress, however, seems to have hit a pause button on aging and could easily pass for a 30-year-old. To maintain her youthful glow, Zeta-Jones retains her PH balance with a leafy diet and keeps her metabolism up with her workout routine. Her age-defying appearance could also be attributed to her no-alcohol rule.


Ursula Andress is one of the few actresses on our list whose looks are questionable. But considering how much the now 81-year-old’s checking account has amassed during the active years of her career, it is safe to say that Andress may have opted for plastic surgery to pass the time. The model eased her way into acting and fully broke through after landing a role in the first James Bond film alongside Sean Connery. After a successful career, the former actress is now enjoying her retirement in the comfort of her earnings and perhaps life insurance plan.


While we may have witnessed a few child actors spiral out of control and crack under pressure, Jenny Agutter is one of the few whose image didn’t slip and fall into controversy following a tabloid drama. While her peers battled with alcohol rehab centers and related concerns, she made a smooth transition into the big screen and worked her way to the top. She may have missed out on school – but with the number of online universities and colleges available these days, her options remain quite open.


Known for her role in the sitcom, Happy Days, Erin Moran was a beautiful actress, who may have managed to stay gorgeous but was faced with the most unfortunate of circumstances. Moran had a hard time landing quality roles after the conclusion of the sitcom, which meant impending bankruptcy for the actress. Her bank account problems were further compounded by her need to visit alcohol drug rehab facilities due to her addiction. After a slew of mortgage or home loan payment issues, she ended up homeless and then died of throat cancer.


While in high school, Cybill broke into showbiz and began working as a model. She switched to acting and soon received critical acclaim for her acting skills and amassed earnings of up to $40 million. Unfortunately, the 67-year-old beauty has had trouble holding her love life together and has made a few trips to divorce law firms. On the plus side, she’s still lovely and seems to be in the market for love.


Pfeiffer is considered one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood and her awe-inspiring roles in films like Scarface and Batman Returns, remain unforgettable. But like other celebrities, Pfeiffer has a few vices – like smoking. Unlike her colleagues, however, she has managed to stay out of alcohol rehab facilities and drug abuse centers. Even better, she has been in a 30-year marriage with David E. Kelly. If we know anything, it is that no divorce law firms are in this gorgeous mama’s future – or too many wrinkles for that matter.


Former model and Broadway star Lauren Bacall broke into the industry on a mission to win us over. She quickly rose to become the 20th Greatest Female Star of Classic Hollywood, which was not only one of the dividends of her hard work but solidified her prospective earnings in the industry. At 89, the icon passed away from a massive stroke, a fate that neither health insurance nor a buoyant bank account could have averted. Rest in peace Lauren.


Lisa Whelchel gained popularity following features in projects like The New Mickey Mouse Club and The Facts of Life. The musician and author proved she is not just a beautiful face after surviving Survivor Philippines and a visit to one of the popular divorce law firms to end her marriage. Despite all that trouble, and she has stayed this phenomenal, and we wouldn’t want to touch anything about her looks.


Olivia de Havilland marked the golden age of classic Hollywood as one of the greatest stars of all. Her most prominent projects included films like The Adventures of Robin Hood, Gone with the Wind, To Each His Own, and The Heiress. Even though this legendary beauty retired from acting almost 30 years ago, her contribution to the arts hasn’t been forgotten. Today, the actress is worth an estimated $20 million – and while she can very well still do online banking, she is now 101 and sitting pretty.


A well-known face of cinema and theater, Dame Judi Dench has paid her dues in Hollywood and is currently enjoying the dividends of her contribution to the system. She made a grand stage debut playing in Hamlet and by the ‘90s gained international recognition for her role of M in the James Bond movies. But while she has managed to stay out of trouble, her daughter has done only the opposite. Dame Judi Dench has been rumored to hire a felony lawyer to help with her daughter’s DUI charges.


Julie Andrew’s portfolio boasts iconic roles in the most memorable films like  Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, and her stage work is nothing short of impressive, too. Reportedly, she has had a fair deal of trouble behind the big screen – from having her injury attorney settle a malpractice lawsuit over a throat operation that left her unable to sing, to almost suing a magazine for claiming that she was going to a drug treatment center for drug abuse. But she has remained relevant and beautiful while enjoying the fruits of her wealth management.


With an array of hit songs to her credit and selling millions of records worldwide that earned her millions of dollars in earnings, Chaka Khan is the ultimate Queen of Funk. But while it appears rosy in paradise, the singer’s autobiography makes a contrary revelation and reveals private details of her personal and professional life. She tells about her intention to enter a drug rehab inpatient treatment center for her issues. And provided she stays in the clear from bankruptcy, she has a chance of cleaning up her act and topping the charts once more.


With the way she looks, it is easy to forget that Lola Falana is 74 years old. The actress, singer, and dancer gained fame for being one of the most highly paid female performers in Las Vegas. And while her earnings are sitting pretty, it appears the excellent American performer is doing just the same. Falana’s last known musical performance was in 1997, and considering she suffered several bouts of multiple sclerosis, we are glad that there are no reports of bankruptcy or death.


After rising to stardom as a Bond girl in The Spy Who Loved Me, Barbara Bach is one of the pin-ups in the ‘70s who even made a former Beatles member, Ringo Star, fall in love with her. She and Ringo prove to others that not every marriage has to end at divorce law firms. Besides that, this timeless beauty has defied the years considering how gorgeous she looks at 70 without any plastic surgery procedures.


One of the members of Brat Pack, Ally Sheedy came to fame after landing a role in the 1985 blockbuster hit, The Breakfast Club. The role cemented her as a celebrity and opened a lot of opportunities for Ally. So, she went on to appear in a string of films, but she also pursued her passion for writing. Around the same time, Ally dated Bon Jovi and later stated that the relationship led her to the road of drug abuse. A few years later, Ally entered a drug abuse treatment center to get help for her addiction to prescription drugs.


Pam used to play prisoners and criminals during the’70s, for which she was often criticized. However, her most notable roles include Coffy and Foxy Brown, as well as the title role in Jackie Brown where she experienced a career comeback. Pam received many nominations and later took on several roles and made guest appearances on a few TV shows. During her career, Grier allegedly amassed $10 million in her net worth, so we can only hope that the actress has good wealth management skills.

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