5 Women Who’ve Had Powerful Influence On Pop Culture

It is not easy to be female singers in the music industry, because they are apt to be affected by many factors in the front of a machine. But we are glad to see some ladies out there really have bold styles. Independent, sexy or even wild, they inspire fans all over the world with their fashion and attitude towards life. Here are five women who have changed the pop culture as never before.

1. Madonna

At first, Madonna appeared in a wholesome way like many other female pop stars. Her sudden change style made her stand out. Her works became filled with adult themes, sensual and naughty. Without her inspiration, we wouldn’t have seen Dirty by Christina Aguilera, Rihanna’s Rude Boy, even Britney Spears’ Toxic.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s country sound and her independent spirit have captured a lot of fans for her. She plays beyond the rules and shows incredible character traits in her various works. That’s why her fans love her, and it’s interesting to see newer artists are inspired by her and don’t conform to the usual stereotypes.

3. Adele

It’s glad to see a charming woman firm in her moral principles in the modern city. She challenged the rules of how to be a celebrity and never causes ‘drama’. We’ve found it refreshingly honest.

4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga creates a new lifestyle out of the box. Whether it is her unusual fashion taste, fervent love to gothic, or ardent loyalty to the LGBT community, she is no doubt the female role model we should say thanks to. Everyone who tries this style will speak out “it’s amazing to be like that.”

5. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson captures a lot of fans with her unique sound and iconic look. More importantly, with her social morals and inspiring songwriting, she set a role model for females and African Americans fans all over the world.

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