7 Gorgeous Recipes You Would Never Guess Were Vegan

If you still think vegan is just seeds and soya, then these recipes will give you much surprise. The real vegan recipes are not that boring and dull as you think. On the contrary, they are all about color and flavors.The fantastic and tasteful food here will definitely impress you. Melt it in your mouth and enjoy it!

1. Peanut butter cheesecakes

This gooey chocolate looks gorgeous as well as naughty, and it’s dairy-free.

2. Southwest hummus wraps

This fresh and healthy warp will surprise you by its color, flavor and texture.

3. Avocado pasta

You may never know avocados can make pasta sauce. Though it taste rich and creamy, there’s no cream or butter in this.

4. Chocolate chip cookie dough

Being vegan doesn’t mean never eating cookie dough straight out of the bowl. It is quick to make and no baking required.

5. Cauliflower mac and ‘cheese’

Though it is filled with cheesy flavor, it is the blended cauliflower which brings in the creamy texture of this wintery favorite.

6. Thai sweet potato veggie burgers

If you are a vegan who goes for burgers, this one is for your favor. It is made with sweet potato and chickpea base, joined with ginger, basil, and even some crushed peanuts.

7. Peanut butter cup pie

This cup pie looks rather gorgeous7, and it’s easy to make. No one will guess it’s for vegan.

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