7 Mysterious Photos That Have Yet to be Explained

1. The Unknown Lady

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated during 1963, everyone was running away expect that a woman was recorded standing here taking pictures. The FBI attempted to find this woman but never discovered her identity.

2. Unidentified Spaceman

A man was kindly taking a photo of his daughter in a field. He was startled when he noticed that a person who looked like an astronaut had photobombed his photo.

3. Vibrant Lights

For years now, lights have been known to show up in pictures taken in Norway’s Hessdalen Valley. Scientists have been trying to get the cause of these vibrant lights, but could never explain this phenomenon.

4. Black Knight Satelite

In 1960, a dark object was found in Earth’s atmosphere. At the time, no satellite had been launched, and the object was not identified as man-made.

5. The Sea Monster in Hook Island

In 1964, an 80-feet-long sea creature which looked like a gigantic Tadpole was seen swimming in the lagoon of Hook Island. A couple noticed and took several pictures before it opened its mouth and then swam off.

6. Freddy Jackson Revive?

In the top of the photo taken on the day of the funeral of Freddy Jackson, you can see the image of a face behind one of the squad members. The officers believe that the face looks like that of Freddy Jackson.

7. The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was discovered dead in a water tank on a hotel roof in 2013. Security footage recovered of her moments before her death. It shows she entered into an elevator and began to move around in an unnatural way before exiting the elevator and wandering off.

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