8 Interesting Reveals From ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

The movie trailer reveals many things about upcoming ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’. Much have already been talked. More than that, there are many fun reveals both moviegoers will be interested. Go ahead and read them all. Don’t forget to share!

1. Superman could have killed Batman.

It has been over the discussion that who would win in Batman’s fight against Superman. Most spectators affirm Batman won’t stand much of an advantage at all. It’s totally a fight between a god and a mortal. But you should know that Superman’s never killing is a big chance to stand over him. The mental tricks Batman uses is far more than anticipated.

2. It will be Wonder Woman’s movie debut

It has been confirmed that Wonder Woman is a demi-god, who’s father is Zeus. She will be hundreds of years old in this movie. However, what interests many people is how this character portrays the actress Gal Gadot. More than a former Israeli model, she was also an athletic trainer and soldier in the Israeli army, which gives the audience more expectations.

3. A totally new Lex Luthor you have ever seen.

This character Zack Snyder creates is different than the fans have seen before. Showing up as the same age as Superman, Lex is more like a tech geek and maniac who plays with people’s minds just for fun. His fascinating performance should be very expected!

4. The studio brings in an Oscar winner for the script

The Oscar winner Chris Terrio takes on the script writing. It is obvious that the creative team want to achieve a high artistic standard. A totally new cinematic experience is worth expecting.

5. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on a big screen together for the first time!

6. Humor!

It is happy to see DC inject some humor in its movies. Here is the dialogue when Wonder Woman shows up and saves Batman and Superman from Doomsday toast: Superman: Is she with you?Batman: I thought she was with you.

7. Doomsday shows up!

It’s interesting to see how a genetically modified beast with advantage in both strength and power battles alongside Superman and Wonder Woman. Doomsday is the cause that Batman and Superman team up. Can’t wait to see that!

8. And finally, Bruce Wayne wears a wig.

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