8 Royal Women with Their Striking Beauty and Dramatic Love Stories

Royal women tend to impress the public with their elegance and style. Some are born a princess, but others earn their royal title through beauty, and a special quality that’s difficult to describe. Check out why people the world over have been charmed by these ladies and discover their rarely talked about love stories.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia is definitely not the sweetheart kind. Her charm lies in her confidence, determination and of course, beauty. Starting out as a newsreader she is now the one making headlines and has proven to the world that beauty and capability can be a woman’s foremost weapon.

Letizia and Felipe VI

Letizia has married twice. Her first marriage lasted less than a year. However, her life changed when she met Prince Felipe VI whilst she was covering an oil spill accident. Rumor has it though that Prince Felipe VI was already into her before this dramatic encounter.

Lalla Salma of Morocco

With her signature red hair and smooth skin, Lalla Salma often captures media attention in public. King Mohammed VI fell in love with her at first sight despite of her humble beginnings.

Lalla Salma and Mohammed VI

Love between Lalla Salma and King Mohammed VI was once a story that made every girl envious. Mohammed VI gave her the title of Her Royal Highness and broke a lot of other traditions for her. However recently people notice the couple rarely appear in public together and there have been rumors of a split.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana left people with everlasting memories of her beauty. Back in the 70s and 80s, she was a sex symbol to men and a fashion icon to women. Even today royals like Kate Middleton try to imitate her styles and pay tribute to her.

Diana and Charles

For years, speculation about Princess Diana’s death was ceaseless. Many believed in the theory that Prince Charles and Prince Philip plotted to murder her. People say Diana at that time was pregnant and intended to marry her boyfriend Dodi.

Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania is really stunning and truly deserves the title of fashion icon. As a result, millions of fans follow her every fashion move on social media. Her wardrobe includes iconic European brands like Dior, Armani and Valentino, as well as Middle Eastern brands.

Rania and Abdullah II

Rania met King Abdullah II at a party when she was an Apple employee. They got engaged only two months later! Abdullah II must have fallen head over heels in love with her.

The Duchess of Cambridge

People love Kate for her warm smile and slender figure. She is a real girl next door and is accessible to the public. All in all, her beauty is not aggressive, and she has that magical quality to make everyone her fan.

Kate and William

Kate and Prince William were just friends at first back in their student days at The University of St Andrews. The lived in the same dormitory and shared several classes. William was intrigued by Kate in a new way at a charity event, where she drew attention in a revealing dress.

Princess Masako of Japan

Born to the family of a diplomat, Masako was educated in a multi-cultural background. This Asian beauty is not just good-looking, she has a career in diplomacy to pursue. 

Masako and Naruhito

Masako was fortunate to receive a western education, but was unfortunate to be entangled in an eastern royal marriage. She would have been a promising diplomat if the Japanese royal family hadn’t forced her to accept the hand of Prince Naruhito. Masako has been suffering from emotional disorders since 2002, largely because she had been unable to produce a male heir.

Princess Margaret

Compared to Queen Elizabeth II, many think Princess Margaret was prettier, and more fashionable. The carefree life she led also gave the princess more chances to try new things. She was among the first to wear Dior’s “new look” and was ahead of her time by sporting cat-eye sunglasses.

Margaret and Peter Townsend

Although married into the Armstrong-Jones family, Princess Margaret’s true love was Peter Townsend. The duo met resistance from the Church of England and parliament however, as Peter was a divorcee. Heartbroken Margaret finally made it clear she wouldn’t marry Peter, but it left her to live the rest of her life in regret and misery.

Grace Kelly

The beauty of Grace Kelly is timeless and classical. Before marrying Prince Rainier III, she was already under spotlight, starring in High Noon, Rear Window and so many other successful movies. Girls would die for a life like that!

Grace and Prince Rainier

Their romance took place during the 1955 Cannes Film Festival. At their “wedding of the century”, Prince Rainier gave Grace a costly Cartier diamond ring and it’s reported that Grace’s father spent a 2 million dowry on the splendid event.

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