8 Stars Got Fired From Big Movies. The Reason From ‘Lord of the Rings’ Is Just Ridiculous

1. Anne Hathaway in ‘Knocked Up’

Anne Hathaway was originally cast for the role of Alison Scott, a report getting pregnant at the end of the movie. Anne argued that the birthing scene was so unpleasant that she couldn’t do it for the whole film. Judd Apatow had no way and decided to replace her with Katherine Heigl.

2. Ryan Gosling in ‘the Lovely Bones’

Ryan Gosling earned the cast as Jack Salmon, a grieving father. He made a long preparation for this film and even endeavored to gain weight by drinking melted Haagen Daz ice cream. Unfortunately, when he was on set the first day, the actor Peter Jackson thought his performance was not that impressive as he would and replaced him by Mark Wahlberg.

3. Megan fox in ‘Transformers 3’

We have already seen Fox in “Transformers” and “Transformers 2,” but she lost her opportunity to finish the trilogy by comparing director Michael Bay to Hitler in an interview. When hearing the news, Steven Spielberg immediately fired her from the film.

4. Dougray Scott in ‘X-men’

Russell Crowe was originally cast as Logan/Wolverine, a mutant with long claws. However, he was not satisfied with the salary. Thus, this role was given to Dougray Scott. Dougray’s schedule conflicted with the sequel and had to give up the play. Finally, the role was taken by Hugh Jackman.

5. James Purefoy in ‘V for Vendetta’

James Purefoy was originally cast as V. Before filming, he complained about wearing the mask and was unwilling to do that. He was replaced by Hugo Weaving.

6. Judy Garland in ‘Valley of the Dolls’

Judy Garland was fired found drunk on the set before that she had long time addicted to substance abuse. Her role was finally replaced by Susan Hayward.

7. Stuart Townsend in ‘Lord of the Rings’

Townsend had spent two months training in combat and swordsmanship for the film, only to be fired the day before filming! Any reason? His being young may explain why he got the cast at first but doesn’t make sense why he was fired. Either way, he was soon replaced by Viggo Mortensen.

8. Christian Bale in ‘American Psycho’

Bale he was originally fired from the film. The production turned to Leonardo DiCaprio and Ewan McGregor. But two of them turned down the role. They finally turned back to Bale, seemingly out of choices.

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