A Tour Inside Steve Harvey’s $15 Million Heavenly New Atlanta Mansion

Tyler Perry’s former sprawling Atlanta mansion now welcomes its new owner, the Family Feud host Steve Harvey. Take a tour inside this French Provincial-style property, and you’ll agree that this $15 Million estate is the finest that you have ever laid eyes on!  

1. The Gorgeous Surrounding

Set on a particularly sylvan corner of Atlanta near the Chattahoochee River, the 35,000-square-foot mansion seems to make the most of its picturesque setting. 

2. The Stone Walkway

Look around the facade, and you’ll catch sight of the cemented staircase leading to the grand entranceway. Decorated with symmetrically trimmed trees, the property exudes a regal vibe.

3. A Lovely Fountain

Standing at the top of the stone walkway, you’ll see a dramatic fountain facing the main gate.

4. A Stately Foyer

Upon entry, you’ll come to a marble-clad, chandelier-topped foyer with a grand imperial staircase.

5. The Spacious Living Room

Step forward, and you’ll be instantly greeted with the expansive living room. The room comes complete with giant picture windows, through which you can appreciate the scenery outside. 

6. An Elegant Dining Room

A few steps away from the living room sits an elegant dining room. Likewise, you can admire the views as well as enjoy tasty meals.

7. The Luxurious Kitchen 

Unlike other common spaces, the estate’s cooking space is equipped with a wooden coffered ceiling. And it even includes two kitchen islands, not to mention the state-of-the-art appliances.

8. The Wine Cellar

Just off of the cooking space is Steve’s huge walk-in wine cellar with a built-in bar.

9. An Expansive Master Suite

A large master suite sits on the upper floor. Surrounded by three walls with floor-to-ceiling windows, the room appears extremely bright.

10. The Massive Walk-In Closet

Also, it includes a large walk-in hardwood closet with a built-in vanity unit.

11. The Quaint Den

Furnished with tan leather couches and built-in hardwood bookshelves, the den retains a quaint charm. 

12. A Working Space

Not far from the den, there is a colorful working space led to by a spiral staircase.

13. A Grotto-Like Movie Theatre

As a TV host, Steve has a long-standing love affair with the screen, so of course Steve has an in-home movie theater. And it can comfortably seat more than a dozen people.

14. The Billiards Room

The main mansion also includes a billiards room, where Steve can entertain his celebrity friends.

15. A Fully-Equipped Gym

To keep in shape on screen, Steve certainly needs a home gym that is complete with fitness equipment and weights.

16. An Indoor Resistance Pool

Speaking of spaces for a workout, there is even a resistance pool below the house.

17. A Stone Terrace

Walk out of one upstairs door, you’ll see a stone terrace which actually lines the entire backside of the mansion, where Steve Harvey will enjoy the beautiful views sitting lazily in the sun.

18. The Splendid Backside

One end of the dual staircases leads to the terrace while the other opens onto the 70,000 gallon infinity-edge swimming pool. 

19. Outdoor Dining Areas

The covered terraces house multiple outdoor dining areas, making them the natural shady places to enjoy meals in the open air.

20. A Sauna

And a private sauna can be found near the large backyard.

21. An Underground Ballroom

Well, here comes the most extravagant thing this home offers, an underground ballroom for events. Unbelievable, right?

22. A Lighted Tennis Court

And here is also a full-size floodlit tennis court that sits below the mansion.

23. The Massive Space

Aside from the top-notch custom-built amenities in this luxurious mansion, you can see sprawling lawns and gardens covering the 17 acres. No wonder Steve Harvey splashed out $15 Million on this property.

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