Hidden Message From 10 Great Logos. # 9 Is Just Beyond My Expectation

We are familiar with these famous brands and have never considered the hidden message behind them. Here, follow me to explore what they really want to express.

1. Wendy’s

Wendy has always been devoted to impressing their customers with”home cooked” food. Well, it’s a hint. Have you found that in Wendy’s collar? You can see the word “Mom”!

2. NBC

The NBC logo looks like a rainbow, but there’s more than that. Focus on the center of all the colors. Notice the outline of a peacock?


The company name is certainly a big hint. Have you seen the resemblance yet? The blue lines represent the Golden Gate Bridge!

4. Beats

Well, Beats are everywhere. Take a closer look at the logo. See anything? The “B” acts as the headphone, and the red is supposed to be the person’s head wearing them.

5. Toberlone

The Toberlone is named after Bern, “The City of Bears.” Do you spot anything hidden in the mountain? If you spotted a bear, then you got it!

6. Amazon

We can’t be familiar with Amazon’s logo anymore, but have you ever wondered why the arrow goes directly from the “A” to the “Z”. That arrow symbolizes the variety of products the company offers!

7. Hershey’s Kisses

Finding the hidden chocolate in the logo is easy. Well, let take a closer look at the “K” and “I”. Have you seen it yet? Hopefully, you have noticed that there is a sideways Hershey’s kiss.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is popular to us and helps to pin things on our private boards, it comes to no surprise that the company’s logo resembles a map pin.

9. Milwaukee Brewers

Found everything interesting about the Milwaukee Brewers logo? Not only does it mean baseball, but the glove and ball also outline “M” and “B”.

10. Baskin Robbins

Well, the “BR” not only draws the company name but also the number 31 flavors of their products.

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