Men With Big Hearts Gives Senior Pets A Second Chance

Steve Greig is dedicating his life to adopting and taking care of senior dogs who have trouble finding their forever homes.

1. Greig said that he started adopting the animals after his beloved red miniature Pinscher Wolfgang passed away four years ago.

2. “I was so distraught, but I wanted to find a way for something great to happen, to give his death meaning,” he said. “So I decided to go to the shelter and adopt the oldest, least likely to be adopted dog there.”

3. He would choose senior dogs over puppies and believes that senior dogs are easier to handle since they are wiser animals.

4. Greig’s house and his rented farm property is currently forever home to almost two dozen animals: eight senior dogs, two Calico cats, two ducks, and a miniature pig named Bikini who thinks she is one of the dogs.

5. Besides, Greig has to regularly care for two other dogs, one is his roommate’s and another is his sister’s.

6. Eeyore, was a 12-year-old Chihuahua. He had bad knees and a heart murmur.

7. Another notable members of Greig’s family is Bikini the pig. “I first spotted Bikini in the back of an old pickup truck at a local chicken swap,” Greig says. “Although I came there to adopt an old chicken, I left with a large pig. The owner told me she was already house broken, used a doggy door and lived with dogs so it seemed to be a fate I couldn’t refuse.”

8. He may be a busy man, but he makes it a point to find time to provide for the needs of his pets.

9. Greig, an accountant, said that he gets ip at 5 a.m. every morning. He sets regular schedules for his pets including their walks, mealtime and medicines.

10. He had to make all their individual meals. Each one of the pets has to eat something different since they all have different allergies.

11. One of the most amazing things about living with so many pets is that each of them still manages to have completely unique personalities.

12. Englebert is the smallest in the house and yet he has the biggest personality, always bossing everybody around.

13. Greig has a housekeeper and a roommate helping him take care of the animals. Even with this support, Greig admits that taking care of such an enormous brood can take a toll. “It can be a repetitive, exhausting cycle, but I know how blessed I am to take care of these animals.”

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