Papa Cat’s Behaviour Shocked Everyone On The Internet When Mama Cat Gave Birth To Kittens

Papa cats are usually mysterious and indifferent in people’s minds and you hear a lot fewer sweet stories about them. However, one post from Thuy Duong has done a lot to help change that reputation. Thuy Duong was shocked by how a papa cat was reacting to the situation where a mama cat was ready to go into labor. She decided to share this story on Facebook in February 2017, and it has made a big splash.

1.Thuy Duong Adopted Two Cats, One Male, And The Other Female Who Both “Fell In Love” With Each Other

Duong’s family adopted two cats, Tam and Yello, in 2016. Despite not knowing each other before, they quickly made acquaintance and bonded so well that Tam was soon pregnant.

2. Tam Gave Birth To Beautiful Kittens One Day

After coming back home from attending a wedding one day, Duong found that Tam was ready to give birth. She felt excited and quickly prepared to help with the delivery process. She also took pictures of the entire event to record the moment. During this process, Tam wasn’t alone,  except for Thuy Duong, Yello was there.

3. Daddy Yello Accompanied Mama Tam All The Way Through

Daddy cat, Yello, stood by throughout the entire delivery process. He was super excited to see his newborn kittens and nervously watched over aside to make sure things were running smoothly.

4. To Be A Dedicated Father

Yello ran over to the kittens and swiftly began to clean them off as soon as the babies made it into the world. Once he finished he ran over to Tam to see if she was okay.

5. Be A Considerate Husband

More surprising. In one of the photos, there appears to be a little kiss exchanged between Tam and Yello. Yello was even photographed putting his paw around his new family as they all fell asleep together.

6. Yello’s Behavior Is Odd

Duong couldn’t believe that Yello could be such a dedicated father because he was a less than patient and friendly cat before that. At the same time, this type of behavior isn’t usual for felines. Many experts state that male cats often try to kill kittens when they are born. A great example of this is lions, where many male lions try to kill cubs to increase their chances of mating with female lions.

7. Yello’s Unusual Paternal Instinct Got More Attention

With all of this information in mind, it makes Yello’s behavior even more unique and shocking. He was so willing to take on a caring paternal role. He got a lot of attention when a user uploaded the photos onto Imgur. The images have received over 500,000 views on Imgur alone and had tons of supportive comments.

8. Some Can’t Believe This Is True

Some users on Imgur couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the album filled with photos of Yello so in love with his kittens.“I have never seen a father cat in my life,” the Imgur user wrote. “This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.”

9. More Touching Daday Cat Stories Shared By Users

Some users began to share their own experiences about their dad cats, “We had cats like this,” one user wrote. “When the mom left the babies to eat, and they started meowing, the dad would jump in and keep them company till she came back.”

10. Sweet Pictures Of This Big Family

We can see lots of heartwarming pictures of this big family thanks to Thuy Duong‘s pics. This photo will make you green with envy: papa cat cuddling mama cat and in the middle of them, lay their babies. What a happy family!

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