There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World, Which Are You?

There are always two types of people in the world on every single thing. And these following pictures prove that it’s true. Scroll down to see which kind of people you are!

1. Doing Dirty Dishes

There is one person who just wants to work later, and the other who’s too lazy to turn the water on for two seconds. The person on the right is actually not saving water, and it will be much harder to clean this bowl later.

2. Enjoying Ice Cream

Eating the entire ice cream bar at the same time is a wonderful experience. Therefore, someone is willing to enjoy it tolerating the risk of getting a brain freeze, like the person on the right did. However, people like the one on the left prefer some relatively tasteless ice cream without a brain freeze.

3. Sharing A Muffin

In fact, this isn’t so much about how you share a muffin with other people. It’s more about considerate people and thoughtless people. As Elaine Benes from Seinfeld said, “everyone knows that the best part of the muffin is the top.” Try not to leave others the stump of the muffin, for it’s really rude.

4. What Is A Highlighter?

What will you bring in mind when talking about highlighters? Is it a marker pen to highlight key points on the book, or a shimmering skin perfector powder to make you look better?

5. Grooming

It seems like the one on the right needs quite a few products to make himself – who we just assume is a man – neat and tidy. And it can be sure that it’ll cost the person on the left much more time to find something than the right one.

6. Using Toothpaste

Here comes a classic one. The person at the bottom will drive the one on the top crazy. The good news is that stores generally sell toothpaste in twin packs, the two kinds of people can use one each if they live together unluckily.

7. Eating French Fries

We sincerely suggest that you’d better not spray the ketchup all over your French fries like what the person on the right did. It’s more likely to make a big soggy mess with ketchup all over your hands and clothes.

8. Packing Baggages

The person at the bottom seems to be more organized, while the one at the top cares nothing about orderliness but about if he or she can put everything needed during the travel inside this little suitcase.

9. Holding A Spoon

There are also two kinds of people when it comes to the way they hold the spoon. The upper one seems to be more common, while the lower one looks like holding a table knife but not a spoon.

10. Eating Ramen

People eat ramen, or Instant Noodles as they call it in other parts of the world, differently as well – some of them will drink the soup and some don’t. Perhaps it depends on the flavor? Only they themselves know.

11. Using Napkins

If you have ever worked in the catering industry, you will probably know how frustrating it is when seeing people just left their dirty, soggy napkins on the table. Seriously, be kind to your waiters and waitresses – you don’t have to fold the napkins as the left one did, just don’t make them soaking wet on the table.

12. Eating Cereal

To decide milk first or cereal first has been a debate for decades. Which one would you prefer?

13. Snoozing Or Not

As time passes by, “to be or not to be” has already been replaced by the mundane question of “to snooze or not to snooze” that people struggle through every morning. Some people wake up at the first sound of their alarm clocks, while others snooze through dozens of alarms before they really get up.

14. Welcoming Visitors

Some people just enjoy having parties with friends at their homes all the time, whereas the others don’t want any visitors at all. You can easily make a distinction between them by their carpets at the doorstep.

15. Parking Cars

Well, we have to say that the lines are there for a certain reason. People should park their cars well within the spot, otherwise, they should probably take more driving classes.

16. Choosing Razors

There are two kinds of men – those who are glad to invest their money in a good razor, and those who just use simple disposable ones. In fact, the former behavior will save you more money in the long run, and it’s better for the environment. There’s one more thing – once you use a good razor, you would never want to go back.

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