This Baby Deer Was Found With A Missing Leg, Guess What Happened To Him Next

1. This beautiful Australian deer is called Rudie. He looks so healthy and cheerful that people would struggle to imagine what he has been through. You’ll be surprised after knowing his story.

2. Two days after Rudie was born, some animal lovers discovered him in a bush not far from the road. To their surprise, one of his legs had been partially severed.

3. Seeing him lying there helpless and in pain, these animal lovers just couldn’t walk away. They decided immediately to rush him to a nearby animal hospital, hoping there was still a chance for the poor thing.

4. To the vet’s disappointment, no one could describe clearly what happened to the deer. They guessed he was most likely to be hit by a car. However, what was obvious was that this deer needed an operation as soon as possible.

5. Luckily, the operation was very successful, though challenging. It was a pity that the deer lost one of his front legs, but at least he was still alive. Everyone felt so happy for him!

6. The veterinary staff was then faced with a problem: releasing him back to the wild or give him a home? Given his age and physical condition, they decided nature was too dangerous for him. They were waiting for someone to take him home.

7. Finally, one veterinarian, who was also an animal lover herself, volunteered to look after the deer. From this moment on, there was a place for him to call home, where he could be sheltered and feel warmth.

8. The veterinary technician gave him a cute name “Rudie.” It was a tough start for Rudie because he was still too young and too weak to adjust to a new environment. She did her best to provide him with the care he needed.

9. Several weeks later, with the veterinary technician’s care and Rudie’s strong will, he was able to stand up and walk. Rudie sure had a lot of fight in him!

10. Slowly, Rudie got used to his three legs. Not only could he be seen walking around the yard, he was also even playing a little with his dog siblings.

11. Although Rudie has been through a lot of difficulties, he was kind and gentle in nature. He got along great with other animals and that’s not a common thing when it comes to fitting into a new environment.

12. The veterinary technician was happy to see Rudie growing fast and staying healthy. She had the idea of sharing every cute and lovely moment with Rudie on Instagram. Rudie quickly drew a large number of fans who left comments saying Rudie had brightened their days.

13. Rudie also found a new purpose in life: he was such a pleasure to be around that his adoptive mom started to bring him to local nursing homes.  The little sweetie brought much happiness to the people who lived there.

14. How time flies! Fans couldn’t believe that Rudie had turned one-year-old! They gave best wishes to this strong and lovely creature on Instagram, and some even sent beautiful gifts to his home!

15. Rudie did lots of funny things, especially in front of a camera. Look at this picture, and you’ll swear that he was caught doing something that he shouldn’t be doing…

16. As he grew bigger, Rudie appeared to be more comfortable with selfies. He was smart enough to know how to keep the best posture, and win his doggy pal!

17. Rudie was also not afraid to let his silly side show, either. Just look at this awesome Halloween costume! Sure, he might’ve been dressed as a terrifying hammerhead shark, but it was only for fun. It’s clear that he is really just a sweetheart!

18. Now Rudie is nearly three-years-old. Apples and oats are his favorites! He loved them so much that he made loud chewing sound to make sure that everyone knew it.

19. Rudie has a deep affection towards his adoptive mom and so does she. Their story gives hope and the power of love to tens of thousands of people. Some fans even went into zoology after following them for more than two years.

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