Which Country Has The Coolest Police Cars?

There’s always something cool about police cars, even the ones that aren’t speed missiles. It doesn’t take a 300 mph top speed to issue stopping tickets, yet cop cars are normally stripped-down mean machines.

Bounty of muscle cars and sports autos have worn the identification throughout the years. Be that as it may, which is really the coolest police cruiser? Is it a Bugatti that shouts around Dubai, an Armored faculty bearer in Colombia, or a modern air pocket auto from China? It could even be a Beetle or a Smart Car, if that is the thing that you think makes for a sweet cop auto.

1. United States: Dodge Charger Pursuit Special

2. United States: MRAP

3. United States: Lamborghini Gallardo

4. Italy: Lamborghini Huracan’ LP-640

5. Colombia: INKAS Unique Armored Personnel Carrier

6. United Arab Emirates: Lykan Hypersport

7. Dubai: McLaren MP4-12C

8. Dubai: Bugatti Veyron

9. Japan: Nissan Skyline GT-R R35

10. United States: Ford Taurus SHO

11. United Kingdom: Ariel Atom

12. Dubai: Porsche Carrera 911

13. Poland: Ford Armored Sandcat

14. Germany: Porsche 911

15. Israel: Ford Sandcat

16. Argentina: Giant Awesome Terrifying Deathmobile

17. France: Subaru WRX

18. Australia: Holden Monaro

19. India: Hindustan Ambassador

20. Mexico: Chevy Colorado Pickup

21. China: Zijing Qingyuan Electric Spherical Patrol Vehicle

22. Russia: Ford Focus

23. Argentina: Police Street Chaser

24. Australia: VW New Beetle

25. Belgium: Peugot 307

26. Vietnam: Nissan Maxima

27. Spain: Citroen Hatch

28. Austria: Smart ForTwo

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